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Where to find pesticide-free native plants near Urbana

Up to date as of April 2021

So you've decided to add native plants to your garden, you have a general idea of what you want to plant and which wildlife you'd like to attract, and now you're ready to move to the next step: acquiring them.

To help you navigate your way to increasing our pollinator populations, we've included many local nurseries below and how they responded to our queries about pesticide use. You can download a printable PDF of this list here. Don't forget to check for current hours—some nurseries are not open every day, and hours change seasonally.

In a perfect world, native plants would be grown in a chemical and pesticide-free environment—after all, we don’t want to poison the creatures we're trying to protect. Yet, because of some regulations and to enhance market appeal (who wants to purchase plants with aphids?), not all nurseries or the wholesalers that supply them practice sustainable methods.

In general, independent nurseries who grow native plants tend to be more conscientious about the use of pesticides, especially complex synthetic ones like neonicotinoids, which have been found to live in plants for up to two years and can kill unsuspecting pollinators who feed on these plants. Some nurseries require their wholesale growers to avoid using these products and can review pesticide logs to insure they are in compliance. Other nurseries, usually larger ones with multiple locations, have responded “we do not know if they [their wholesale suppliers] use pesticides."

In a recent native plant webinar hosted by Envision Frederick and Multi-faith Alliance of Climate Stewards (MACS), they suggested that we as gardeners “always ask” about pesticide use directly when purchasing plants at each nursery, as some types of plants are grown and treated differently than others. In our experience, most owners and managers were happy to have this discussion. For more information on how to ask your nursery about pesticide use, see this resource from the Xerces Society.

We know this is yet another puzzle (or maybe hurdle) in the pursuit of native plants, but if consumers continue to inquire at nurseries about how the plants are grown, hopefully, with awareness and consumer demand, most growers will phase out the use of harmful chemicals. In fact, just this week, Walmart made an announcement that they're pursuing this path.


Urbana Area Nursery List 2021
Download PDF • 221KB

Table of contents

Less than 30 mins from Urbana

Tree Talk Natives

11900 Hawkes Road

Clarksburg, MD 20871


Open weekends and by appointment

*Plants are pesticide-free

*Inventory expected early May, includes pictures of plants/trees and status; new nursery; some native plants are grown from seed onsite.

Meadows Farms

5432 Old National Pike Frederick MD 21702


Monday through Saturday 8AM – 7PM

Sunday 9AM – 6PM

*They don’t keep a list of native plants, but so far this spring 2021 they have a good selection and continue to get more plants in. They carry the American Beauties Native Plants line, as well as others.

*Their wholesalers do not use neonicotinoids, but may use other pesticides

Stadlers Nurseries

5504 Mt. Zion Rd. Frederick, MD 21703 301.473.9042 Open Every Day from 9AM-5PM *Has a good selection of natives – which are categorized on their website and indicated with an asterisk

*Holds tree planting sale twice a year – with purchase of tree, they will plant it for you; Free Delivery on orders over $100

*Does not know if plants from wholesalers are pesticide-free

Thanksgiving Farms

1619 Buckeystown Rd Adamstown, MD 21710


Open 7 days a week, 9AM – 5PM

*They don’t maintain a list of their inventory, but plants are grouped together on site. The plants are larger sized and generally range from $19.99 – 26.99

*They grown their own natives, and are chemical/pesticide free

Potomac Gardens (closed for 2021)

8710 Fingerboard Rd

Urbana, MD 21704

*Natives are not listed on website, but manager has provided us a list

*They do not know if their plants from wholesalers are pesticide-free

1 hour or less from Urbana

Herring Run Nursery 6131 Hillen Rd

Baltimore, MD


Via online and by appointment only

*Specializes in plants native to Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay watershed

*Statement on use of neonicotinoids on website. “We do not, and will not, use chemical controls of any kind at the Nursery. We limit our business to growers who are likewise committed to the use of sustainable green practices and have eliminated the use of neonicotinoids”.

Lauren’s Garden Service

Lauren’s Garden Service & Native Plant Nursery

3575 Sharp Rd

Glenwood, Maryland 21738


Monday-Thursday 9AM-5PM

Friday Closed

Limited Spring Saturdays 10AM-3PM

Sunday Closed

*Lots of different native categories to choose from on website including straight species, inventory status is provided, as well as pictures. Link to a Native Plant Toolkit.

*MAC resource says chemical-free, but verify

Nature By Design

300 Calvert Avenue

Alexandria, VA 22301


Monday-Sunday 8AM-6PM

*List of 2021 native plants available on website, but please call in advance to insure inventory

*All of their homegrown plants are pesticide free; their wholesale plants are neonicotinoid free

Sunny Meadows Garden Center

7437 Sharpsburg Pike

Boonsboro, MD



*Do not have a website, but they publish a newsletter as plants come in

*Plants grown on site are chemical-free, but unsure about wholesale plants

Sun Nurseries 14790 Bushy Park Road Woodbine, MD 21797 410.442.2090 or 301.854.6107 or 301.829.3300


*Includes searchable database with information about plants, not sorted by natives

*Not all plants are pesticide-free, but they do not use neonicotinoids. They can answer specific questions about specific plants.

Surreybrooke Nurseries

8610 Baltimore National Pike

Middletown, MD


Everyday 9AM-5PM

*Inventory is always changing, so there is no list, etc. but does carry some native shrubs and plants

*Mostly chemical-free plants, depending upon plants

Wakefield Valley Nursery

1690 Wakefield Valley Road

New Windsor, MD 21776


Hours change throughout year

*List of native plants generally available on website

*Does not use pesticides in nursery; grows most plants/shurbs from plugs that are not treated with pesticides.

Watermark Woods

16764 Hamilton Station Rd

Hamilton, VA 20158


​Open Tuesdays through Fridays, 9AM-2PM from March 31 – October 15

Open Saturdays 9AM-4PM

*Includes large inventory via spreadsheet and status of plants

*Does not use pesticides on plants grown on site and routinely checks with growers on their pesticide use

Greater than 1 hour from Urbana

Chesapeake Natives

9640 Rosaryville Rd

Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

By Appointment Only

*Promotes local ecotype native plants, includes 2021 inventory

*Never uses pesticides

Native plant sales

Usually held annually or twice a year, many native plant sales have limited inventory and can sell out quickly. Take advantage of those offering pre-sales and online ordering; arrive early at pre-sales.

Saturday April 24, 2021

Beloved Gardens: Vegetable, Herb and Perennial Plant Sale

9 am – 2 pm

UUCF Congregation

4880 Elmer Derr Rd

Frederick, MD


April 21 - May 8, online pre-order; Pickup/in person: May 22

The Monarch Alliance Sale (proceeds benefit Potomac Audubon and The Monarch Alliance)

*These plants are chemical-free

*Lists inventory preview

April 29 – May 2, online, Pickup May 5-8

Friends of Black Hills Nature Programs

Clarksburg, MD

Must be a member to order on first day ($15)

Plants as low as $5.00; shrubs: $25.00

*Organized by type of plant/conditions with pictures

*Plants are chemical-free

May 2, 12 PM-4PM

Robinson Nature Center

2021 Native Plant Palooza

6692 Cedar Lane, Columbia, MD 21044

May 10-16

A portion of the proceeds of online sales from Lauren’s Garden Service will be donated to the Audubon Society, but you must use the code AUDUBON.

*Plants are chemical-free

Master Gardeners – Frederick

Sale not happening in spring 2021

Online, by mail

Prairie Moon Nursery

*Sells large variety of native seeds, kits, pre-planned gardens, beautiful/informative catalog, etc

*Neonicotinoid free; statement on their website

Prairie Nursery

1.800.476.9453 *Sells large variety of native seeds, kits, pre-planned gardens, etc.

*Neonicotinoid free


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