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Our 2022 highlights...

As our plants go dormant and wildlife rests, we are also slowing down and reflecting on this year's productive seasons. Thank you ALL for your efforts to restore habitat, support wildlife, and respect our shared spaces.

Special thanks to: the Green Team leaders - Carey, Matt, Kim and Sangeeta for making all the above possible; Dana and Heather for leading the Weed N Chats and tabling with us at the Fall Festival; Amit, for always encouraging the groups he leads to collaborate with us; Katie for sponsoring the website; Dana, Heather, Joanne, Matt, Jane and Sue for sharing your gardens with us; the Senthilkumars for adopting the Addison Woods Road restoration project; and the Villages of Urbana for the investments in native plants and commitment to the community.

Ideas for next year are already germinating; we'd especially like to create some gardens and add native plants BEYOND the VOU. Let us know if you have a public spot in mind! If you are new to Urbana or haven't volunteered with us yet, we hope to meet you next spring. Please be in touch if you have ideas for workshops, volunteer projects or would like to get your scouts out to the garden. Email us at


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