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Team Leader and Co-Founder

Carey grew up in Frederick County and has lived in Urbana for over 20 years. She welcomes creatures of all kinds to her yard, where she gardens for wildlife by planting natives and foregoing pesticides. Passionate about biodiversity and the environment, she is a Master Naturalist, Chairs the VOU Grounds/Physical Assets Committee and volunteers with schools and scout troops to plant gardens and foster an appreciation for nature. She leads Mobilize Frederick's effort to support and increase Green Schools  and is a Board Member of Envision Frederick County. When she’s not exploring the great outdoors, she's likely working on documentaries for public television. Carey maintains the website and took many of the photos featured on this site.

Image by Ray Hennessy
Meet the Team: Meet the Team


Team Master Naturalist

Matt and his family moved to the VOU in 2008. He’s a Certified Master Naturalist and served as chairman of the VOU Grounds Committee. He’s an avid gardener for wildlife habitat using native plants, and his yard is “Bay-Wise” certified by the Frederick County Master Gardeners. He was a CPA a long time ago but now earns his keep as a stay-at-home dad. His daughter thinks he’s a plant nerd, and his wife would like him to spend a little less time in the garden and a little more time in the house doing boring stuff.


Team Master Gardener

Kim is a Frederick County Master Gardener, where she volunteers with local schools doing gardening projects and lessons. She is currently working on a master’s degree in school counseling. She is an avid backyard gardener, where she welcomes all of nature’s troops to nurture and protect the plants instead of using pesticides or toiling away at garden chores.

Image by Jeffrey Hamilton
Meet the Team: Meet the Team


Graphic designer

Kristine has created marketing resources for a wide variety of nonprofits, including groups that focus on nature conservation, homeless dog and cat rescue, and de-stigmatizing mental health conversations. Before moving to Virginia, she lived in Maryland for four years. She enjoys hiking, camping, and biking in her free time. Kristine created the Green Team Urbana logo for us pro bono. Check out her other work or commission a project here.

Image by Shannon Kunkle


Team co-founder

Bethany is an award-winning advocacy journalist who produces multimedia projects for a large animal welfare nonprofit.  A dual English and American citizen, her landscaping preferences are heavily influenced by English cottage gardens. She strongly believes the world belongs to wildlife, too, and that people who volunteer are healthier and happier.  Bethany created this website and was instrumental in getting Green Team Urbana underway. She has since moved out of Urbana, but we trust that she will still come back to visit us every now and again. 

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